Posted by: swafuturepilot | July 30, 2009

Scratchbuilt Aircraft

So, I love to build, therefore Scratchbuild airplanes are great for me. But I tend to rush with things because I’m an impatient person so sometimes these models turn out like a POS and don’t fly all that well, which just so happened tonight.

I was getting a Skeeter 30 ready, and just blazing through the radio installation because I want to go out and try it. By now you would hope I would know that if I get like this I should stop, but apparently not.

I finish the plane and go out to test fly it, it seems to do ok, but I only get a few hops in because problems just keep popping up from my quick building. It annoys the hell out of me and I eventually just end up storming into the house angry at life.

So if you ever get in that situation, just stop and go do something else and save yourself the anger that soon ensues. You’ll also be rewarded with a better flying model in the end.


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