Posted by: swafuturepilot | July 22, 2009

Kaos .40 Build #1

So, I have been buiding my Kaos .40 for a few weeks, but even so I have backed up all the photos so that they could be posted here. I am going to be running a Magnum .40, 4 Futaba S3003’s, a Hitec 05S RX, and probably a 5 cells RX pack.

The kit goes together smoothly, but the plans are slightly difficult to understand and follow at first, so I did take a bit of time studing them while I “built” it in my head to help visualize how it would go together. And then when it actually became time to build, it was much easier after all the planning so that I wouldn’t have to plan as I go.

I decided to start with the wing just because the fuselage is almost all sheet balsa, so I wanted to make sure I had enough for it after the wing was finished. It ended up that I didn’t, so I had to go to the hobby shop and buy the missing wood.

Kaos Build 002

Part of the Wing

Left (Top two): you can see the components of the Kaos, and also part of the wing and if you look closely the kit box.Main Servos

Engine mounted

Left (Bottom Two): The servos have been mounted as well as the engine.

More pictures will be posted as they become avaliable.


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