Posted by: swafuturepilot | July 22, 2009

Buying Locally

As I look around such places as RCgroups, and other rc oriented websites, I notice that a lot of people order from Chinese company’s for everything they need. This makes me slightly uneasy. All of their money is flowing out of the US into China, which sure isn’t helping to stimulate our economy, nor is it helping to support the local hobbyshops around America.

Now, I do have a few servos, and two little brushless motors from HobbyCity, one of the more common exotic destinations that money may go to, but I almost always try to buy from my local vendor to try and keep him in business. I enjoy the ability to go down to that store and bring how what I need immediately, and the price difference really cancels out when you think of the shipping costs from China to the great US of A. It takes $25 of your hard earned bills to get your rc products to your doorstep in any reasonable amount of time.

So, in conclusion, I beg you to buy from your local RC vendor, such as a hobby shop 0r from a US company online. Lets try to reduce our dependency on foreign RC products. But I’m not saying totally stop buying from them. No. They are a buisness too and they need to survive, but I just see more need in the local buisness man in the US.


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